Why Mercatus?

Modern. Flexible. Future-Proof.

Stop Relying on Outdated Methods

The software industry has built, and private market investors have bought, “point solutions” to address very specific needs within different functional groups. This has created a maze of data silos. The larger the organization, the more silos, leading to an impending data disaster. What has been missing is a data platform that allows private market investors to address a variety of needs holistically across the organization and to empower systemized processes and decision making. As investors are working to create more personalized experiences for buyers and customers, point solutions will only further fragment the investment lifecycle journey. 

If your goal is to make data a competitive advantage with organizational impact, then it’s time to look at your organizational data strategy before purchasing another point solution. At Mercatus, we can help you evaluate the strength or your underlying data architecture to support your growth objectives.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

At Mercatus, we help centralize and control the data + workflows, so you can focus on the value-add analysis to make decisions with confidence and speed - every time.

Legacy Architecture

Are you basing your data strategy - and business growth - on a legacy architecture?​

Rigid Software

Is “hard-coded” software holding you back from accessing and analyzing your own data?​

Real-Time Answers

How quickly can you get the answers you need for real-time decision-making?​

Innovators are Unlocking a Competitive Edge Through Better Data Management

Mercatus is used by modern investors who want to lead, disrupt, and innovate the private markets. Our vision is total transparency across the entire investment lifecycle and investor ecosystem - from LP to GP to Portfolio Company and their underlying assets.

Our Secret Sauce? It's Simple...

Mercatus is the first and only data architecture to systematically harness and control data, workflows, and financial models to accelerate and scale growth, reduce operational risk, and achieve alpha.

Built-In Flexibility

Whatever asset class, level of data, or specific KPIs you want to track, we’ve got you covered, including whatever changes come tomorrow.

Complete Control

No more being nickel-and-dimed by consultants for access and changes to your own data. The power is, and should be, yours.

Fastest Time to Value

We’ll have you implemented and driving value in <90 days, guaranteed. Can your current vendor do that?

Modern, Mobile Experience

Real-time insights, personalized dashboards, 24x7x365 availability, because that’s how we roll in Silicon Valley.

Do you have the right systems in place?

If you’re looking at point solutions for portfolio monitoring, investor reporting, asset management, or any other investment activity, make sure you first have the data architecture and systematized workflows you need to control and enable growth, efficiency, scale, and risk. Because your data is your single biggest competitive weapon in today’s complex market.