Valuation Management

ModelSync Technology

We kept hearing that fund managers were frustrated by rigid templates for bringing data into their software and by plug-ins for downloading it into Excel. So we built ModelSync Technology for our platform.

Do your Excel calculations in the cloud

Have you ever had trouble chasing down the latest model only to find it’s on an analyst’s desktop or was accidentally moved from a Share drive? With ModelSync, the latest model is in the cloud. Gain efficiency and control by running them on Mercatus.

BYOM: Bring your own model

With ModelSync, you can connect to any Excel file, in any format with no coding required.

Send inputs and outputs to and from Excel

Perform historic data uploads, perform scenario analysis at scale, update your forecast by asset, calculate valuations at the asset, fund, or holding company level.
Mercatus Excel Connectivity

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ModelSync and Data Importing

Three Distinct Data-In Solutions

A key challenge for private market fund managers is figuring out how to get their investment data into a data management platform efficiently and accurately. Learn more about how we solve this in three distinct ways.

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