Valuation Management

Use Case: Head of Valuation Management

“No way to manage our bespoke valuation process by each investment. This puts our forecasted returns in jeopardy, increases audit risk, and unscalable headcount to manually manage"



Run Valuations at Scale

No other solution allows you to manage a valuation workflow process using existing and bespoke valuation models in Excel.

Scenario Analysis

Run dynamic scenario analyses in a single platform to manage risk and make faster investment decisions.

ModelSync Technology

We kept hearing that fund managers were frustrated by rigid templates for bringing data into their software and by plug-ins for downloading it into Excel. So we built ModelSync Technology for our platform.

“It has become abundantly clear to me as our business continues to get more complex and our margins continue to compress, we must start to look to data and technology to drive our next phase of growth or we will not survive.”

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