Valuation Management

One Data Solution, Unlimited Uses

Are you headed towards a data disaster? If you’re relying on legacy technology, consultants, or a myriad of front and back office solutions to achieve your 2020 growth goals, the answer might be yes...  

Use Case: Head of Valuation Management

“No way to manage our bespoke valuation process by each investment. This puts our forecasted returns in jeopardy, increases audit risk, and unscalable headcount to manually manage"


  • Current systems are entirely disconnected from Excel
  • Deal and Asset Mgmt teams continue to rely on “desktop Excel”, and have no meaningful way of running models in parallel
  • Lack of traceability of internal valuation process
  • No consistency among valuation leads by investment
  • Little traceability on where information came from and if final
  • Producing Fair Value Memos by investment or aggregation across investments is inefficient


  • A centralized platform that allows connectivity to Excel models at scale with Inputs / Outputs
  • A dynamic database to store and update global assumptions
  • Dashboard capability to visualize portfolio valuation updates and scenario results in real-time
  • Automated Fair Value Memo by investment
  • Ability to manage valuation process workflows by investment

Valuation scenario analysis

Run dynamic portfolio valuation scenario analyses in a single platform to manage risk & make faster investment decisions.

Fair Value Memos

Produce automated Fair Value Memo by investment which shows selected valuation history,

Interactive dashboards

Configure interactive dashboards that aggregate financials from valuation models for any investment.

“It has become abundantly clear to me as our business continues to get more complex and our margins continue to compress, we must start to look to data and technology to drive our next phase of growth or we will not survive.”

CEO, Large Global Investment Manager

Key Valuation Management Problems We Solve:

Granular Control

Manage bespoke valuation process for each asset and aggregate to fund level.

Scenario Analysis

Assess the impact of different scenarios across portfolio based on aggregated future cash flows by asset.

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