“The new data imperative for infrastructure managers & the fast-changing role of technology”


SuperReturn Global Infrastructure – London 2019

The year’s event tackled the latest issues and initiatives shaping the infrastructure industry with insights from decision-makers across the globe. Mercatus was a key sponsor of this year’s event.

Data and Technology Panel – September 18, 2019

Our COO, Tim Buchner, hosted a panel focused on data and technology with executives from top Infrastructure Managers in the industry. See the executive highlights video above, where you will hear insights from:

  • Werner von Guionneau, CEO of InfraRed Capital Partners
  • Laurent Fayollas, Managing Director, Infrastructure at Ardian
  • Dan Wells, Partner at Foresight Group
  • Rob Siegel, CTO of Global Infrastructure Partners
Full Panel Video

Full 30-min Panel

More Videos from the Panel

Below you can find some of our favorite sound bites from the panel.
Rob Siegel

Harnessing all your data needs

“We’re putting in a program of establishing master data management or what’s referred to as MDM. if we don’t have a strategy around consistent data and unique ways of using that data across the organization, we’re not going to be able to do the powerful reporting that we’d like to be able to do.”

Laurent Fayollas

Embracing Innovation

“Linked to technology and data, we’re ranking each asset using five criteria: whether it is intelligent, open, prolific, resilient, and impactful.”

Dan Wells

Growing importance of data

“Data is going beyond something that you better manage. Centralizing it is half the battle. It’s how we leverage resources to optimally utilize data to better inform our investment decisions that really matters.”

Werner von Guionneau

Analog to digital data

“We’re making a big bet on changes that are driven by digitalization. Suddenly we are seeing technology putting us in a position where unstructured data can be captured, analyzed and delivered in the organization at the right time.”

Alternative Industry & Technology Outlook 2019

In addition to our panel, we also co-presented results from our 2019 Alternatives Industry and Technology Outlook survey in partnership with State Street Corporation. See the video of this keynote presentation and request the survey results.