Today, Mercatus is one of the most widely adopted platforms serving as a unifying platform for the investment lifecycle decision-making.


Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power is a global leader of the clean energy sector, with an annual production of approximately 82 TWh. Enel Green Power operates in 30 countries and has a managed capacity of over 40.9 GW with more than 1,200 plants and a mix of generation types, including the main renewable sources: wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal. They have an additional 7.8 GW of extra capacity that is scheduled to be built by 2020.


Energy & Renewables


Rome, Italy


An Interview with Antonello Cammisecra - Head of Global Renewable Energies

Antonello Cammisecra saw years ago, as Head of Enel Green Power Business Development, the challenges that growth would bring as pipeline and projects accelerated and diversified. He knew that adding new headcount for every project or asset would eventually strain productivity.

“My vision 5+ years ago was to have a tool to organize the Business Development function on a daily basis, ensuring control of timelines, resources, costs and the sharing of information across teams and regions as we grew.”

That’s no small feat for a company with annual renewable energy production in excess of 82 TWh. He decided to rebuild his core platform from the ground up to scale productivity for the business development team and increase collaboration with all other departments, with an end goal of creating a data-driven, learning-oriented organization.

Fast Forward to Today

“We have diversified our pipeline across multiple regions, and advanced our business model with a purpose-built digital solution. Mercatus has proven to help us accelerate and scale our competitive advantage.”

According to Antonello, “Our focus on workflow management enables our unique development philosophy, and further increases our competitive advantage. We needed to fully embrace an enterprise-wide digital focus.”

Today, Mercatus is one of the most widely adopted platforms within Enel’s Global Renewables Business line, serving as a unifying platform for the investment lifecycle decision-making. The software platform is now used by more than 750 employees across seven departments.

“Our focus now is on accelerating growth and profits, finding new ways to get more productivity, and driving internal collaboration while optimizing for speed. With Mercatus we are able to give EGP the flexibility to deploy and manage more projects.”

Results of using Mercatus across EGP:

  • Double-digit productivity increases
  • End-to-end visibility and control of growing sets of pipeline and asset data
  • Increased growth and efficiencies across all the group’s businesses

Final Thoughts from Antonello

“Our platform continues to evolve in order to drive greater organizational collaboration, make better / faster decisions, and enable maximum visibility – all at my fingertips… anytime, anywhere.”

“For all renewable energy departments to collaborate in a single platform to improve speed and learning, growth and profits to maximize competitive advantage and internal efficiencies.”

Antonello's Advice

As a global leader in energy production and transformation, Antonello offers some advice for staying competitive.

1. Identify processes that impair organizational-level productivity

2. Kill departmental silo mentality and build a data culture

3. Leverage Data Lake capabilities to drive dynamic data management to fuel decision making

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