Conergy + Mercatus

Founded in 1998, Conergy has a history of combining innovativetechnology and German engineering with access to capital. Conergy has pioneered the expansion of solar globally and has built over 1.3 GW across six continents. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the company works with local developers across the globe to turn project plans into reality.

The Challenge

The bulk of Conergy’s data was inconsistent and lacked full integrity. The resulting concern wasthat it could lead to poor decision-making on investments and potentially unfriendly surprisesdown the road. With each of their regions with their own respective pipelines, the company would scramble last minute to produce a single consolidated, global view of its projects.

In addition, Conergy’s investment and financial modeling capabilities lacked automation, potentially introduced errors due to manual rekeying information and versioncontrol. Another challenge they faced was a lack a control and traceability throughout its management of projects.

The Solution

Creating A Single Source of Data

With one single source of data, Conergy was able to increase the speed and quality of its investment decision-making. Clarifying risk was now easier and more cost-effective.

Mitigating Risk With Full Visibility Into The Pipeline

With Mercatus, Conergy was able to stay ahead of the competition with a complete, real-time visibility into the project pipeline.

The Impact

The Mercatus Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution brought a single source of data to Conergy, giving them a step-change in the speed and quality of its investment decision-making. It is now easier to mitigate investment risk and quickly determine which project is the right or wrong one to move forward with – all in a cost-effective manner.The results are there. During the first quarter of after implementation of Mercatus ended, Conergy had already built over 200 MW worth of projects in the Philippines using Mercatus. Furthermore, Mercatus has significantly increased the company’s presence in the highly competitive US market.

Key Results

Avoid making wrong decisions with based off inaccurate data

Eliminate risky investments from the pipeline quickly and efficiently

Remove obstacles that slow down deal velocity with simple and efficient origination