Introducing Mercatus Stages

We’re excited to unveil Stages, a user-empowered workflow solution with transparency and data governance across the entire private markets investment lifecycle.
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The Modern Workflow Solution for Private Markets Investment Data

Investment managers and operations teams in the private markets often struggle with manual processes, especially with large numbers of deals and bespoke monthly financial and operating KPIs across all portfolios. These processes conceal significant key person risk and data quality risk given the current market backdrop and tightening regulatory requirements.

We’re helping to solve this with Stages, the data circulatory system for private markets investment teams. Unlike other workflow point solution tools and Excel spreadsheets, Stages is fully integrated across the Mercatus platform. This creates a single place of data truth across the investment structure from asset to fund, deal to divestment, and debt to equity. With increasing regulatory pressure and rising demands for transparency from investors, private markets fund managers without a platform to track all the stages of their workflow processes will be left behind. 

Stages offers:

  • Multi-dimensional workflow logic and enhanced data staging step with flexibility
  • Stress-free data hand-offs / approval with data provisioning
  • Full workflow audit history with real-time insights

How it Works

Our new workflow solution allows users to transport, approve, or reject data points or attachments with full workflow transparency and data provisioning. ​Our goal is to help asset managers and owners break down data silos and build the foundation of data oversight across the investment lifecycle process. Moreover, this will help fund managers and asset owners adopt the front-to-back “One Office” mindset.

Stages is fully configurable to help solve many key workflow processes, including:

  • Seamless data handoffs between deal teams and asset management teams
  • Onboarding of new portfolio companies and/or asset managers
  • Incident tracking for real asset investors
  • NAV workflow across fund admins

Front-to-Back Use Case with Stages

Let’s take a fund manager with a 50-investment portfolio. The portfolio management team wants to collect quarterly financial and operating KPIs across the portfolio and ensure a formal data review and approval process before sending it to the back office for fund-level valuation.

Key questions this fund manager may have include:

  • How do we get notified 15 days before every quarter-end and be able to see the past valuation workflow audit history of all collected data in one place?
  • How do we easily know which investment’s valuation track record is incorrect or if my team didn’t submit the information on time?
  • After internal sign-off, how can I be confident that the data we provide to the back office via email will be booked correctly into the fund accounting system?

All of these can be solved with Mercatus Stages. This platform feature not only helps create a “freeway” of data and audit history across a fund manager’s entire investment but also connects the workflow from front office to back office.

Stages allow users to transport and approve data points with flexibility and confidence. Moreover, the full workflow audit history provides real-time insights into the accuracy and completeness of the workflow and data, making it easier for workflow managers to identify and be notified of any issues.

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