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Fastest time-to-value, built for the Private Markets

Personalized Support

Mercatus was founded as a Services organization, then created software to better serve our clients.  It’s in our DNA to listen, advise, and support.  This is about 2 things: lower client risk and increasing client success.

Here is what that means:

  • Dedicated Program Manager to consult on business process and onboarding
  • 24x7x365 Live Support available with average ticket response time in 99th percentile of SaaS
  • Mercatus University available for self-training and certifications
  • In-platform training paths customized to each client and function
  • Support spanning 3 continents and 14 time zones

We understand that no two clients are exactly alike. So, there’s nothing cookie-cutter about our services approach except for our proven methodology to extract what we need to fully understand your environment, your business, and your goals. Our mantra is to make our technology as self-service as possible to empower you and your team to add new fields, dashboards, and even asset classes quickly and easily. 

What Makes Mercatus' Services Different?

Let’s start with a few questions…

Last Implementation?

Did your last implementation achieve the original goals or did you get halfway there before the consultant left you to figure it out?

Additional Requests?

After your last implementation, what was the cost in time and money to build a new report you requested? (Hint: I bet it wasn't "included")

Getting Ready?

Most vendors will quote you to configure a system for your process. But have you thought about how your current and historic data will get into it? I bet that's on you.

At Mercatus, we do things differently when it comes to services and support. As technologists, we believe any technology platform should empower and enable you to do more on your own – for example, adding new fields or asset classes or personalizing a dashboard or KPI. We give you the power to do simple configurations yourself – no consultant required.

Getting Started

Getting started is always the most important step to success.  Our clients have large goals that can be abstract with many moving parts. Because of our history first designing the software for ourself as a Services business, we have unique domain knowledge to challenge and prioritize your approach to getting started quickly, then giving you a plan to keep going. This is the First Value Goal, and it’s the secret to success.

Becoming Empowered

After you get started, we teach you how to build your own reports and dashboard so you can rapidly respond to internal and external stakeholder needs. No one should ever ask you “why does it take you 10 days to get me my data?” ever again. And, no need to pay outside support anymore just to get a new report – you’ll have everything you need to do-it-yourself with additional guidance (if you need it) from your relationship manager.

We Measure Our Time to Success by Your Time to Value

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve proven we will start delivering value in less than 90 days – the fastest time to value in the market. We don’t cut corners to get there. Our experts will guide you through every step, every integration, every KPI so you’ll get exactly what you asked for, and more. Don’t just take our word for it. Ask our clients!

Mercatus Services

You can learn more about Mercatus Services and our offerings below

Professional Services

  • Platform Implementation
  • Platform & Reporting Management
  • Process Design & Consulting

Data Management

  • Investment Acquisition Onboarding
  • Partner Asset Data Cleansing & Management
  • Partner Asset Data Management
  • Financial Model Process Audit & Maintenance

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