Data Management Trends in the Private Markets

Mercatus's Kali Jakobi chatted with Nicolas Lesak, co-founder of Ktalysis, an advisory and IT services firm for the alternative investment industry, about data trends in the private markets. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Even as much of our data has migrated to the cloud, many organizations are still maintaining parallel sources of data in PowerPoint, Excel or Word and they use that data for dashboards and presentations. This makes data management implementation especially difficult.
  • Some of the challenges in managing integrated data are dealing with a consistent flow of data through the organization, making sure the data is trustful, and giving users the access to the right data points.
  • Investors can solve this by making sure they include business partners and stakeholders in their data management integrations. It's not just a project for IT.
  • If you give users the right toolset, they will no longer need to go to their parallel source of data for insights.
  • When considering a data management software solution, it's important to look for one that will integrate well with other systems in your company.
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