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Real estate has proven to be a valuable sector for institutional investors. Over the long term, US core real estate has generated higher returns than fixed income and lower volatility than equities while consistently providing diversification benefits to both asset classes. Clearly, real estate investment is a smart move, but there are unique challenges for real estate investors, such as:

Real Estate Data Challenges

Asset Diversity

Multitude of different real estate classes - e.g. retail, industrial, mixed use, multi-family, lodging, senior housing, etc. How do you enable the flexibility to track these assets at the most granular level and still be able to aggregate monthly cashflows across these diverse assets efficiently and accurately without solely relying on Excel?

Point Solutions

Myriad of different point solution platforms: accounting, deal flow, modeling, property management, investor portals, ESG, etc. Today, there is no efficient way to connect these platforms efficiently to enable a single source of truth.

Sector Diversity

Due to the diversity in the sector, there are several different stakeholders that hold critical pieces of data that you want to capture. How do you allow a flexible system to invite brokers, property managers, asset managers, portfolio companies, and fund managers in single platform to facilitate data collection and workflow?

“We just needed a portfolio monitoring solution that could do scenario analysis at the investment level and aggregate that up to the fund level. No other platform solved this very specific pain point. Mercatus did.”

One Ecosystem for All

What would it mean to you to have one platform that could accommodate ALL your different asset types, both now and in the future, in a flexible system - whether you’re tracking individual assets, global portfolios, or specific funds? Let us show you how Mercatus empowers your scalable growth and expansion with our innovative data architecture.

One Solution, Unlimited Uses

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