Complete Custom ILM Configuration

Configure Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) to fit your unique business needs and accomplish your company objectives

During the Implementation and Configuration Process, there are 4 phases: Engage, Analyze, Build, and Launch.

The purpose of the Engage phase is to build a complete map of the process to be supported through data collection, document review, and interviews. The Outcome is a “Business Process Document” (BPD) which is an internal document redacted by Mercatus that describes the process.

The Analyze phase turns the information Mercatus gathered about the processes into a functional description of the platform. This is delivered as a “Functional Requirements Document” that shows how the platform will work.

Next, the Build phase is where we develop and configure the platform. This includes an iterative process of refinement of the FRD and regular communication on timelines and milestones. We deliver the required platform to the customer with 100% conformity to expectations and receive approval from the User Acceptance Testing process.

Finally, during Launch, Mercatus trains the users of the ILM system and implement an action plan to foster adoption in order to achieve Customer Deployment Goals. We end this phase with fully trained standard and admin users and complete sign-off at the first Quarterly Business Review (QBR).

With the close relationship that our Services Team creates with your organization, we can accelerate your Time to Value with Mercatus’ industry-leading Implementation Time Commitment and Time-to-Launch.

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