Portfolio Monitoring

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Portfolio Monitoring Use Case

“Performance reporting is time-consuming. We are adding headcount as the portfolio expands, but this is leading to more inconsistency.”



Historical Fund Transaction Data

Learn from your own history. Utilize fully auditable historical fund transaction data to make better investment decisions for your portfolio’s future.

Importing Operational KPIs

The most important part of a successful data management platform is effectively bringing data into the system. Load operational KPIs in configurable and flexible ways.

Systematize Business Processes

You determine your business logic and processes for managing investment data. We provide the tool to execute them.

Dashboards and Reports

Effective data analysis requires data visualization. Create user-defined dashboards and pixel-perfect management reports with ease.

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Portfolio Manager Interview

Listen firsthand to how this portfolio manager utilizes Mercatus and the effect it has had on the business overall.

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Mercatus Overview

The Mercatus Overview document will help introduce data challenges of GPs & LPs and highlight the Mercatus Frameworks & Features that help solve such challenges.

2020 Award Winner

Best Portfolio Monitoring / Risk Management Solution

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