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Mercatus Release: A New Era of Private Markets Technology

New Data Architecture. Mobile First. Modern UX. Enhanced Performance.

We’re excited to introduce our most significant release since our inception. It is an entirely redesigned data technology platform that builds on our key strengths: modern and flexible.

Do any of the following challenges sound familiar?

  • Our investment structure is complex. We have multiple funds, sectors, portfolio companies, holding companies, deals, assets, ESG, and more.
  • How do we ensure we have a platform that is flexible as our business continues to evolve?
  • We invested in a new asset class. We don’t want to wait multiple days on third party consulting partners to incorporate this new asset class to our platform. How can I do this myself?
  • How do we visually see our real-time investment structure? What was our investment structure 30, 60, 90 days ago? Can we do this with a click of a button?
  • We struggle to capture the basic data at the highest level, no way to get into scenarios or incidents. The last thing we want to do is purchase another siloed platform.
  • How can I login from any device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) and see my specific funds, assets, sites, and/or organizational dashboards, performance, and documents in a single place?

While working closely with our clients, here is what we created to address these challenges


Introduction of Entity Builder

Build your organization’s data in a single place.

Investors’ data isn’t static. So why should your software system be? With our new Entity Builder, users can configure their own independent and dependent entities, assumptions, and workflow to reflect the specific components of your business. Whether you want to look at your funds, deals, investments, incidents, partners, or investors—or you want to create a new Entity type—we’ve got you covered!

Introduction of Mobile Details & Performance

Life doesn’t stop when you’re on the go. Neither do we.

At Mercatus, we understand that you need the same level of performance and convenience whether you’re sitting at work or trying to do some quick research on the go. Whether you want to quickly view the status of a given investment, locate a capital call, or create a new deal opportunity, you get the same high-quality experience on your phone/tablet as you would sitting in your office.

Introduction of Structure View

More of a visuals person? So are we.

Using Visio or PowerPoint to manually illustrate your overall investment structure? We couldn’t bear watching our clients do that any longer. Our simple, modern Structure view allows you to quickly see the many-to-many relationships between all your investments and investors in an easy to follow tree-structure diagram. The top-level view shows you all your investments and ownership percentages across your portfolio. Want more details? Drill down into each investment or investor to see more details and even make quick adjustments, any time you want to reflect a new deal or transaction. How has your overall investment structure evolved over time? We thought about that as well. We added a date filter where users can select any historical date to determine how your overall investment structure has changed over time.

Introduction of Card View

Spend less time looking, more time doing.

When you’re standing in the airport trying to prep for a call, the last thing you want to do is spend precious time reading through a detailed list of investments and investors in a table format. By using customizable images, color coding, and entity types, our new Card view allows you to quickly find the exact entity record you need, when you need it. Filter by dates, industries, or other details. Then, save these filters as customized Card views, so you never have to search again. Our Card view looks great on any device too. So, whether you’re sitting in your office, working from home on your laptop, or checking your phone from the back of an Uber, you’ll spend less time doing busy work and more time making money. And who doesn’t like that?

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