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Total Transparency 24x7

Never has there been a more critical time for Limited Partners to demand more - more data, more transparency, more insights, more controls - from your investments. The rapid influx of capital into the private markets, especially Alternatives, has created a landgrab of opportunity, but only the best will rise to the top - those that create a culture and infrastructure driven by data and operational excellence. Now is the time to effectively manage private capital exposures at all levels, from underlying portfolio companies & assets to funds, vehicles, commitments, total portfolio and more.

The LP Challenge

Data Transparency & Accessibility

Ability to drill down and query the data; no more static reports

Contextual Insights

Rich Contextual Insights that go beyond “just the facts” to surface important trends (like, is this GP lucky or really good?)

Detailed Analysis

More detailed analysis like predictive modeling and forecasting - to accurately evaluate performance and risk


Accelerate the flow of information from GP to LP via standardization and automation; no more waiting weeks or months!

The Mercatus Answer

We Give You Total Transparency

End-to-End Data

The only platform to provide complete operational, financial and ESG data transparency from GP, Portfolio Company to the underlying asset and sub-asset across all investments

Streamlined Reporting

Streamline all your GPs’ reporting for compliance, auditing and regulatory requirements

Predictive Insights

Gain more insight into future risk/performance factors via deeper analysis

Mobile Dashboards

Monitor, evaluate and compare investments faster via personalized mobile dashboards

Track & Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk with improved data governance and compliance tracking

One Solution, Unlimited Uses

Legacy thinking is putting investors at risk. Will you be a leader or a laggard in the next decade of private markets growth?
See how a modern technology platform can transform your organization across the business.

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