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One Data Solution, Unlimited Uses

Are you headed towards a data disaster? If you’re relying on legacy technology, consultants, or a myriad of front and back office solutions to achieve your 2020 growth goals, the answer might be yes...  

Use Case: Head of Investor Management

“Investors are demanding more transparency and insights on their fund and investment level performance.”



Aggregated LP Data

Access to-date commitments, capital calls, proceeds and returns for each individual LP.

LP Personalization

Configure and summarize key data points for each Investor.

Automated Reporting

Automate existing pixel-perfect investor reporting.

Total Transparency Rules

Investor Relations has greater control and accessibility of data across a much wider spectrum of information than ever before. In a recent study of 300+ alternative managers globally, 54% of GPs felt investors were satisfied with the level of transparency provided while only 33% of LPs agreed. The level of transparency is rapidly becoming a key factor in building trust and competitive differentiation. Without it, risk is high in today’s competitive market.

Data Empowers

Investor Relations (IR) is becoming increasingly data-driven, with growing stakeholder requirements across all aspects of the business, from operational to financial, to environmental, social & governance (ESG) factors. Mercatus gives IR teams the data foundation they need to report with speed, confidence, and detail every aspect of performance, risk, and valuations.

Key Investor Relations Problems We Solve:

Fast Response to LPs and Due Dilligence

Drive faster fundraising cycles by being able to react quickly and have access to the answers you need - on the spot

Automated Investor Reporting

Give the transparency LPs demand without adding any reporting burdens or headcount

Scenario Analysis & Impact-to-Valuation Insights

Quickly understand areas of potential risk to drive value and confidence

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