A New Era in Investor Collaboration

In today’s fast-moving investment world, data access, communication, and transparency are everything. Asset managers and GPs are under the gun to share key operating and financial data and documents with a multitude of partners - investors, portfolio companies, asset operators, vendors, etc – on a regular and ad-hoc basis.

What’s needed is a next-generation virtual data room that offers access to intelligence and insights – not just static documents.

With the Mercatus Investor Portal, LPs and others can drill into real-time site, portfolio, and fund level data, creating a rich and seamless data ecosystem available 24x7 on any device. Every audience can have a unique experience, configurable and brandable, and tightly controlled. The Mercatus Investor Portal empowers today’s real asset investors...

Key Features

Asset Level Transparency & Granularity

Easily share actual operating data, dashboards, and reports with any stakeholder – LP, portfolio company, asset operator, vendor, etc.

Secure Data Access & Collaboration

Complete traceability for compliance – centralized, on-demand access to financial models, documents, and more to drill into real-time data at the fund, portfolio company, or individual asset level, including ESG visibility


Reports and dashboards customized for each audience and optimized for any mobile device, for an always-on connection of investment data with investors

“By 2020, technology and data-informed decision-making will become mission-critical to drive investor engagement, data analytics, operation and cost efficiency, and regulatory and tax reporting.”

- PwC, Alternative Asset Management 2020

Next Steps

Learn more about Mercatus and our Investor Portal. Be sure to download our Overview PDF of the Mercatus Investor Portal and watch our recent webinar recording with Mercatus' Head of Product and Engineering.