Mercatus Provides Visibility

The energy industry is undergoing an epic transformation from a focus on centralized conventional sources of power generation to more distributed and renewable sources. Is your existing manual and disconnected approach to accessing and sharing data and documents adequate to support the more agile and nimble business model required to compete in a high volume and high velocity, distributed energy world? It may be impairing business visibility and your ability to adapt while achieving profitable growth.

Streamline your ability to access and share accurate and up-to-date data regarding investment decisions, project status, and asset financial performance data. And, eliminate your dependence on desktop tools and legacy data/system silos with a state-of-the-art cloud system of record or “single version of truth.”

Key Features

Data Visibility

Securely access data and documents anytime, anywhere using your favorite device.

Data Integrity

Ensure data reliability and accuracy for more reliable reporting, compliance and decision making by eliminating data silos and centralizing data in a single cloud data/document repository (i.e. “a single le version of truth”)

Data Integration

Consolidate and/or connect legacy systems – such as CRM, PPM, ERP and document management — to simplify on-going management and streamline workflow in order to optimize OpEx and productivity.

Data Security

ILM production services are hosted within Amazon AWS data centers and infrastructure, which utilize the highest electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems monitored 24×7 by security guards. You can find a list of all the security measures put in place by AWS cloud infrastructure in the AWS docket.