Stop Flying Blind

By dynamically connecting all your disparate data across systems, sources, and departments, you will have the answers and insights you crave in hours – not weeks or months. Ditch the rear-view mirror of ledger-based systems and start looking ahead. Mercatus gives you end-to-end visibility with data you can trust.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

If you have to double headcount every time you acquire new assets or raise a new fund, then it’s time to look at your IT infrastructure. With Mercatus as a system-of-record for your asset portfolio, your team(s) will more than 2X productivity and be freed to focus on value-add activities like forecasting, scenario planning, and risk analysis. All while reducing operational risk. It’s time to upgrade!

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Boost Investor Confidence

Want to stand out from the crowd with investors? Mercatus can help. Easily answer diligence questions during fundraising. Give your LPs real-time transparency with a single source of truth for financial, pipeline, and operational data. Provide richer, faster reports with deeper data insights. Investors will notice the difference.

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Accelerate ESG & Sustainability

Strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices are increasingly linked to better financial returns. Mercatus ties ESG and financial metrics in a single system for full transparency and traceability. Run climate impact scenarios. Make ESG a strategic asset. Mercatus can get you there.

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See our Clients' Success

Industry leaders use Mercatus to solve a multitude of business challenges – from investor reporting to data management to compliance & risk mitigation, and so much more. Hear from some of our clients how Mercatus has impacted their success.

Next Steps

Learn more about Mercatus and Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM). The first document below is a Market Overview and Introduction to ILM. After reading that, you can dive deeper with our ILM Data Sheet.