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Infrastructure has proven to be a resilient and attractive asset class for institutional investors, with a whopping $655B in global AUM according to Preqin (and growing). But managing infrastructure assets and investments has its own set of challenges, as we discovered in a recent survey of Infrastructure fund managers and investors. These include:

Infrastructure Data Challenges


No two infrastructure investments are the same. Every road, bridge, airport, toll road, street, wastewater plant, etc. has its own unique due diligence, underwriting, and performance metrics. So how do you measure and compare performance and risk apples to apples?


Infrastructure assets require complex and be-spoke valuation models. There is no cookie cutter approach. These assets have high capex, complex revenue and expense schedules, multiple investors and lenders, intricate depreciation schedules, and 30+ year lifecycles. If you’re an infrastructure investor, you’re living life in Excel.


Certain Infrastructure investments can generate hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue per month. Therefore, it is critical for investors to proactively manage each site’s operational, financial, and ESG metrics as granularly as possible. An equipment failure, miscalculation in opex, or lack of communication can lead to health and safety issues and significant financial loss.

"It takes us five days to get basic KPIs out of our portfolio. This isn’t good enough. For example, our portfolio manager asked for our total revenue breakdown for our wind portfolio. You would think this would be instant, but we have to send out multiple queries and hope that the information we get back is accurate.”

One Ecosystem for All

What would it mean to you to have one platform that could accommodate ALL your different asset types, both now and in the future, in a flexible system - whether you’re tracking individual assets, global portfolios, or specific funds? Let us show you how Mercatus empowers your scalable growth and expansion with our innovative data architecture.

One Solution, Unlimited Uses

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