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Efficiencies on Steriods

We understand both the unprecedented opportunity and the unique challenges for today’s Private Market General Partners (GPs), as fees continue to get squeezed, competition is fierce, assets are increasingly diverse and complex, and regulatory pressure and risk are at an all-time high. So, what’s a GP to do?

The GP Manager Challenge


Real-time visibility into operating performance and investment pipeline

Risk Mitigation

Proactive and proven risk mitigation

LP Transparency

LP Transparency, insights, and deep data-driven reports

Data Excellence

Data Excellence to be proactive, predictive, and prolific in connecting data to workflows dynamically

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency to accelerate growth and achieve alpha through scale & automation

The Mercatus Answer

We’ll Make You A Data-Driven Decision Maker to Achieve Superior Returns

Control of Your Data

A modern data architecture to consolidate and control your data - down to the asset/site level - in a dynamic, integrated system (trust your data)


Centralization of all portfolio company, fund, and asset financial, operational and ESG data for real-time insights and mobile dashboards (answers at your fingertips)

Models & Workflow

Command and control of the financial models and systemized workflow for the front, mid and back-office teams across the entire investment lifecycle (accelerate growth and scale)

Data-Driven Decisions

Faster decision making, predictive analytics and reporting to LP's, auditors and regulators (efficiency on steroids)

Instant Analysis

One-click scenario planning and sensitivity analysis to mitigate future risk (de-risk the unknown)

One Solution, Unlimited Uses

Legacy thinking is putting investors at risk. Will you be a leader or a laggard in the next decade of private markets growth?
See how a modern technology platform can transform your organization across the business.

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