Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mercatus?

Mercatus is a platform for managing the complexity of today’s private investment data. We offer a single solution for fund managers’ data, from deal to divestment, asset to fund, and equity to debt. In 2021, State Street acquired Mercatus to power its Alpha for Private Markets platform. Together with Charles River Development, another State Street company, we offer investment managers a single platform to manage their investment assets from the front to back office, and from public and private markets.

Why did State Street acquire Mercatus?

Both Mercatus and State Street have observed a shift among fund managers and asset owners, where the lines between public and private markets and front to back office are disappearing. We have also seen a growing trend with managers moving away from a decentralized data strategy to a more centralized one. By connecting all the pieces together, a unified data governance creates a flywheel effect, helping all functions to generate alpha and provide a differentiated client experience for their investors.

Private markets are positioned for fast growth and increasing complexity. With State Street Alpha for Private Markets we can help clients solve end-to-end data challenges.

Who does Mercatus serve?

Fund managers and asset owners in the private markets who need data quality, speed, and transparency to create a sustainable competitive advantage. The more complex the data, the more we like to help.

What makes Mercatus different from other private markets software?

Mercatus is a platform, not a rigid point solution. 

Point solutions address only one piece of your data needs, like portfolio monitoring. A platform manages every data point for your complex investments.

Unlike other software providers, we solve for complexity by offering flexible data ingestion and configurable insights. This includes flexible Excel templates, our innovative PDF Parser technology, No-Code integrations with existing data sources, embedded BI and reporting tools, and world-class data management services. 

And importantly, we’re the only solution that will allow you to manage scenario analyses across your portfolio at scale.

How many products does Mercatus have?

One product, many features.

How can I see a tailored demo for my organization?

Great question! We’d love to hear about your data needs, just complete this form and the Mercatus team will be in touch.

How much does Mercatus cost?

We offer a three-tiered pricing structure depending on your needs. You decide which of our four frameworks you’d like to implement – portfolio monitoring, asset management, valuation management, deal management – and the pricing will scale based on your investment volume and complexity of the data management services you need.

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