Making Sense of Asset Valuations:
What GPs Need to Do to Keep LPs on Board

About this Webinar

Running valuations is a complex process even in the best of times. Layer on a global pandemic, when uncertainty reigns and investor panic sets in, and your average infra fund manager simply couldn’t respond to simple requests from LPs for valuations and scenarios. What happens to the portfolio if interest rates rise next quarter? What happens to the global fund if oil prices drop in one region? What if airports remain closed for a year? Managers who are still dealing with bespoke valuation models in Excel can take days or weeks to respond to such requests. Even though the market turmoil was short-lived (this time), the event underscored the need for infra managers to be prepared for the next bout of uncertainty.

In this webinar, we will discuss this challenge for infrastructure managers and how they can adopt a more holistic approach:

  • How have LP demands for more transparency around valuations changed in the last year?
  • How can technology help facilitate valuation management?
  • Are GPs prioritizing data in the right ways?
  • How are GPs changing their approach to data and valuations in the wake of the pandemic?

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