ESG Management

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Use Case: Head of ESG

“We cannot deliver timely and high quality ESG data for our current and potential LPs.”



ESG Templates

Leverage pre-built ESG templates or upload your current ESG data templates and surveys

ESG Granularity

Communicate global ESG performance and filter, drill-in and export ESG data across your diverse assets

Streamlined ESG Reporting

Avoid business disruption by streamlining ESG performance reports that match your current reports

Be an ESG Master

The growing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact reporting is re-shaping the competitive landscape for private market investors. Those who make ESG a priority will enjoy greater investor confidence and partner prioritization.

With ESG, Granularity Matters

To be successful, ESG monitoring has to happen at the asset level, not the fund level, to truly understand the impact, risk, and performance. Mercatus’ Data Platform was built to access data at site/asset level to give this level of insight and transparency. That’s why Mercatus is already the premier ESG platform for real asset investors.

“Financial and ESG reporting is quite uneven across GP’s. We’ve found that few have systematic data-driven approaches which also include ESG into investment analysis, decision-making, and monitoring… that’s a red flag.”

Key ESG-Sustainability Problems We Solve:

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration and reporting of ESG metrics alongside financial and operational KPIs

Asset-Level Data

Easy access to asset-level data required for ESG

Powerful Dashboards

Unique dashboards designed to showcase ESG and sustainability performance and value

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