Growing Importance of ESG

There is a growing convergence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data with traditional investment data, as the demands for transparency and traceability across all aspects of private equity reach new heights. According to Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing and Bloomberg L.P., one quarter – or $12 trillion – of U.S. assets under investment management are considering ESG principles.

Granularity Matters

At Mercatus, we believe ESG monitoring has to happen at the asset level, not the fund level. Only by taking a bottoms-up approach to data management and reporting, can you access the level of granularity required to truly understand the impact, risk, and performance of every asset, fund, and portfolio. That’s why Mercatus is the premier ESG platform for real asset investors.

If you’re looking for help with ESG reporting and advice on how to integrate that seamlessly with operational and financial data reporting, Mercatus is happy to share best practice examples and actionable insights you can use today. Contact us to learn more.

“United Nations has warned delays in tackling climate change could cost companies nearly $1.2 trillion over the next 15 years.”

- Forbes, Corporate Climate Disclosures Improving But Still Insufficient For Investors

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