Workflow Management

Stay on top of your projects.

Manage all development projects, tasks and resources in single location and ensure projects are delivered on-time.

Key Features

  • Configurable Project Templates

    Use project plan templates to automate project planning for different types of development. Mercatus offers industry-specific templates, or configure your own.

  • Automated Notifications and Approval Processes

    Automate task management and notifications so that team members work on the highest priority tasks, keeping your projects on track. Automate approval notifications for specific tasks and ensures timely decisions that can lead to swift actions.

  • Milestone Tracking

    Configure project milestones to comply with development requirements and track their status to determine if projects are on track or at risk. Use these milestones as stage-gates to better control the development process.

  • Task Aggregation and Filtering

    See aggregated tasks and timelines for your entire portfolio and filter by specific criteria, so that you can easily prioritize work and allocate resources across various projects.

Cut your development time by 6 months

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