Deal Management

Real-Time Answers to Real-Time Questions

One Data Solution, Unlimited Uses

Are you headed towards a data disaster? If you’re relying on legacy technology, consultants, or a myriad of front and back office solutions to achieve your 2020 growth goals, the answer might be yes...  

Faster Decisions; Lower Risk

The growing complexity and diversity of investments, along with increased regulatory scrutiny and operational risk, are putting more pressure on deal teams to be fast, accurate, and efficient - all while juggling larger and larger volumes of data.

Key Questions to Ask

  • How much time does the deal team spend finding/normalizing data and generating reports?
  • Does your ability to scale require proportional headcount growth?
  • Can your deal teams move fast to diversify into new asset classes and geographies?

The Power of Centralization

At Mercatus, we help centralize and control the data + workflows, so you can focus on the value-add analysis to make decisions with confidence and speed - every time.

“It has become abundantly clear to me as our business continues to get more complex and our margins continue to compress, we must start to look to data and technology to drive our next phase of growth or we will not survive.”

CEO, Large Global Investment Manager

Key Deal Management Problems We Solve:

Fast, Accurate Investment Decisions

From centralized data access and control (no more manual, time-intensive processes)


Sensitivity and valuation analyses show you not only what happened, but what’s likely to come in any scenario (no more rear-view mirror only)


From being a data-driven decisionmaker, because the truth is in your data (no more mistakes, gaps, missing information, lack of confidence)

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