What's your Data Strategy?

Hint: It Better Include Total Transparency

Data is a Competitive Weapon

Private markets are growing at twice the rate of their public counterparts. But that rapid growth brings new challenges, like how to efficiently harness the growing volumes of disparate data to make fast, smart investment decisions.

Mercatus is transforming how data is managed with a modern technology platform designed to deliver end-to-end data transparency with the scale, speed, and accuracy today’s investors demand. What is your data strategy to create a competitive advantage?

“We’re putting technology at the top of our list to drive scale. We’ve realized that people and process alone can’t do it and the current technology that got us to this point won’t enable us to double in size over the next few years, as expected by our investors.”

COO, Global Investment Manager

Do your current systems give you:

If you’re missing any of these, your investment in technology is at risk - and so is your business. Because the truth is in your data.

Full Flexibility

Rapidly diversify into new asset classes, fund structures and geographical regions

Unified Data Architecture

An underlying Data Architecture that dynamically integrates data, workflows, and financial models seamlessly to reflect your actual business complexity

Total Transparency

Transparency from LP to GP to Portfolio Company to the underlying Asset

Full Mobility

24x7x365 access to real-time data and dashboards, anywhere, any time

Self-Configurable Dashboards & Analytics

Intuitive views that are quick to personalize and configure with no coding required (no more being held hostage by vendors and consultants for simple changes)

One Solution, Unlimited Uses

Legacy thinking is putting investors at risk. Will you be a leader or a laggard in the next decade of private markets growth? (Hint: data is the key.) See how a modern technology platform can transform your organization across the business, including solving problems for:

Meet Mercatus

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Mercatus Overview

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  • Data Challenges of GPs & LPs
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