Mercatus ILM from a CFO Perspective

At Mercatus, we know what keeps you up at night. At the core of your challenges is making the right investment decisions. But, how do you conduct successful pipeline, project investment, and risk committee meetings without basic data visibility and trust in the accuracy and integrity of the data you do have visibility to. Further aggravating the challenge is the financial modeling and pricing process is burdened by an inefficient data collection process, and suspect financial model access and controls.

Moreover, you have a general OpEx efficiency and productivity issue. As a result, Finance is a bottleneck because your team is resource constrained.  Mercatus ILM helps power producers make the right investment decisions by positively impacting project success rates, cash flow, and risk and compliance constraints.

Key Business Drivers and Solution Capabilities

Support and approve the right project investment decisions and habits.

ILM provides the data reliability and analytics to drive deal financial analysis and investment decisions based on repeatable logic and consistent decision frameworks rather than relying on qualitative judgment calls and “gut feel”. Key features include automated deal pricing and instant investment memo generation.

Minimize financial and compliance risks

ILM provides the data integrity and traceability, document management and control, and process audit and consistency, that minimizes the risks of making sub-optimal investment decisions and breaching compliance and contract commitments. This is enabled by centralizing access to documents and Excel financial models in the cloud.

Optimize operational efficiency and costs to mitigate resource constraints

LM delivers an average OpEx efficiency gain of 30% in areas the technology is applied. This includes automating processes associated with decision committee meeting preparation; data aggregation for project and portfolio reporting; and document generation for pricing proposals, approvals, investment memos, and execution documents.

Provide accurate budget and pipeline forecasts and improve general quality and accessibility of data.

Since multiple financial models for multiple projects are hosted centrally and securely in the cloud, you have instant access to reliable budget, actuals and forecasts with the ability to collaborate on and update multiple models simultaneously. Thus, you spend less time crunching numbers and more time leveraging ILM analytics to identify trends and insights that drive business impact.

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