Buying from Mercatus: How We’re Different

We want to understand everything about your current process and systems before promising we can solve your challenges.

Buying a data platform can be a long, arduous process for fund managers. There are many solutions that solve different problems and getting all your teams aligned with one offering can be difficult. We’ve tailored our sales process to address these challenges head on.

We’ll help you align your team on goals, challenges and outcomes. We’ll map the current state of your data management strategy and what a potential future state would look like. We’ll quantify the status quo and get an understanding of how you compare to peers, giving you best practices and specific recommendations on how to improve.

Here’s what to expect during your buying journey:


In one or more meetings with your team, we learn about your business, your structure, your challenges with your investment data, your goals.

Findings for Example Investment Firm:

  • Data is not centralized
  • Data can’t be leveraged for analysis
  • Knowledge is not institutionalized & lose data with turnover
  • Inefficient and inconsistent process execution
  • No scenario analysis capabilities


To establish whether or not Mercatus is a potential solution for your business.


Mutual agreement to move on to the next phase of the buying process.


After signing an NDA, we begin to collect your data -- models, reports, etc. Our solution engineering team shares a list of questions and assumptions to test about your data and process.


Align with your team on your current state, key challenges, risks, top priorities, and primary objectives.


Document your current state and recommend a potential future state to address key challenges, reduce risk and enable primary objectives. Receive Benchmark Analysis.

Solution Plan

A roadmap based on key objectives, which outlines a crawl, walk, run approach to achieve desired state.


Document a clear plan to achieve the future state over time with clear goals and outcomes achieved step-by-step.


Alignment for all stakeholders on the desired path forward.


Armed with the tools, insight and understanding of your unique needs around investment data challenges, we’ll move together as partners through the implementation process and beyond.

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