Mercatus ILM from a Head of Business Development Perspective

Your team doesn’t have to work harder, but smarter by leveraging an easy to learn and use tool for automating your business development workflow from origination through development. You can optimize team collaboration and deal flow with a that fully digitizes your origination and development process.

Mercatus ILM ensures you have visibility to reliable investment and project information and drives new levels of process efficiency and repeatability. It also gives you the analytic tools to make the right decisions at each phase of the business development process. The result more of the right deals flow through your pipeline faster so you make your targets with less risk and less sweat.

Key Business Drivers and Solution Capabilities

Deliver on expected investment capacity within allocated budget

The key to achieving capacity targets is having accurate visibility to up-to-date pipeline project status, project details, and financial roll-up information. Mercatus ILM pipeline aggregation, filtering, and analysis capabilities makes it easy to create custom consolidated views and drill down on project milestone and completion status. This enables BD leaders to better assess execution risks and overall performance level.

Optimize origination team performance and process efficiency

You need to do more with the same or fewer resources. That means team members need to perform at a higher level. Operational efficiency builds on shared reliable data and improves the flow of data through connected, collaborative, and repeatable processes for proposal generation, pricing assessment, scenario planning, project management (e.g. project task assignment, approvals, notifications), and report generation.

Maximize new opportunities and deal flow

Because of the operational efficiencies that result from improved data visibility and better process collaboration and connectivity, freed up capacity can be applied to pursue more projects opportunities. Further when ILM is deployed across the enterprise (i.e. not only within the BD function but across departments such as Engineering & Construction, Asset Management, and Finance & Control) data flow friction between BD and external business stakeholders is virtually eliminated which drives increased deal flow.

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