Last week, the Mercatus team travelled to sunny San Diego for the Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit (SPFI), one of the industry’s largest events sponsored by Infocast Events. The event is one of the key gathering places where industry players gather to network and to stay abreast of the ever-changing solar financing landscape. Each year, the SPFI Summit provides valuable insights into the ongoing developments in solar finance, strategic opportunities and the efforts to overcome industry-wide challenges.


With both SunEdison and Abengoa suffering serious financial woes, this year’s conference had a heavy focus on execution, operational excellence and profit within the industry. While opportunities for new growth are prominent, navigating the changing solar market landscape presents previously unprecedented challenges. Because the distributed future is more complex than large-scale utility projects, it will be crucial for solar companies to implement unified IT systems and stronger operational processes early on in the business cycle. Good data, transparency and punctual, accurate reporting will be key to helping solar companies prove that their assets are well-managed, thus preventing future meltdowns.


Our team also got to hear lead players share their perspectives on industry and get answers to dominating questions and issues —from the impact of the ITC extension to financing innovations along the entire value chain. A central connection point where the solar development and financial professionals meet, exchange information, share perspectives and discuss the financing landscape, the SFPI Summit provides a real opportunity to stay ahead in of the complex solar market.