Q&A with Mercatus Strategic Advisory Board Member John Dorogoff

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Earlier this year we formed a Strategic Advisory Board made up of experienced technology and investment professionals in the private markets. In this new series, we’ll get to know each one a little bit better.

John Dorogoff
John Dorogoff

John Dorogoff is the former Managing Director and Chief Information Officer of the Asset Management business at Deutsche Bank and former Managing Director, Global Head of Operations, Real Estate and Corporate Services at Neuberger Berman. His 25+ years in the financial services industry includes experience in securities and technology operations, planning, budgeting and cost reduction initiatives, auditing, securities regulation and financial and management reporting.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in investment management and more specifically the private markets?

Investment Management is about creating opportunities for wealth growth and appreciation for the investing public. As investors seek diversification, Private Markets has gained increased attention as an alternative asset class. Playing a part in this investing proposition is what attracted me most to this industry.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing technology leaders in the private markets today?

Technology challenges in the Private Markets are not dissimilar to other investment product types. Data aggregation and rationalization provides the accelerator that enables more informed investment decisions.

What advice would you give to an asset manager that is just beginning to embark on finding a data management solution?

Identify the “key” data components that are most critical to your business. Find the solution that best aligns to your needs being mindful those elements are likely to grow over time. Flexibility in software capabilities cannot be ignored.

“Data as a competitive edge” is a great soundbite. From your experience, what are the tangible benefits to better data management, and why does this matter?

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is the competitive differentiator that separates the best from the average.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy a quiet afternoon reading both fiction and nonfiction books.


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