Perspective: What the Blackrock Acquisition of eFront Means for ALTs Investors

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Last week’s $1.3B+ acquisition of eFront by Blackrock’s Aladdin group, along with Ipreo’s 2018 acquisition by IHS Markit, is incredible validation that Alternative Fund Managers are embracing technology to efficiently scale their assets under management and meet growing demands for more data transparency. The rich multiples both Blackrock and IHS paid is also indicative that Software-as-a Service (SaaS) companies serving the ALTs and Real Asset segment have very compelling growth prospects.

Blackrock’s Aladdin is the leader of risk analytics for the public equities market, and eFront helps fill a product gap for ALTs and Real Asset Funds, which is one of the fastest growing segments.

Mercatus is a complementary asset management solution, optimized for fund managers investing in Energy, Power, Renewables, Infrastructure and Real Estate who need real-time, asset-level data.

Together, investment technology platforms are having a vital impact on facilitating the future of data-driven investing, especially for the complexity and rapid growth of real (illiquid) assets.

See our recent announcement with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners as an example of how today’s progressive fund managers are thinking about how to harness and digitalize data through technology to achieve massive returns in efficiency and risk reduction.

We are thrilled by the innovation and validation we see happening on a global scale. Please reach out to share your views.

Learn more in this report that dives deeper into data and digital strategy for alternative investment managers.

While the path forward is clear, there is an issue. Leaders today are facing legacy processes and a mix of inadequate, pieced-together solutions and institutionalized status quo bias, inhibiting their ability to shed old habits and embrace the next wave of change.”


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