New Asset Management Solution from Mercatus Expected to Deliver Productivity Gains of up to 30 Percent

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SAN MATEO, CA – March 27, 2017.

Module Extends Footprint of Leading Cloud Solution for Energy Investment Lifecycle Management

Mercatus introduced today a major extension of its cloud platform for energy investment lifecycle management (ILM) targeting asset owners and operators. The new solution for energy asset portfolio management automates the complete investment management process.

Mercatus Asset Management is designed specifically to address efficiency challenges related to compliance, reporting, and financial performance management for assets in operation. Feedback from asset managers at pre-release customer sites indicates that they expect to achieve efficiency and productivity gains of up to 30 percent.

“Mercatus Asset Management is designed to eliminate manual processes and desktop tools that inhibit a company’s ability to aggregate, store, and share real-time information efficiently,” said Paolo Martini, chief strategy officer of Milan-based Building Energy — a global independent power producer focused on developing renewable energy assets.

Another key benefit of the solution cited by Building Energy is that it can help avoid added costs and eliminate the possibility of lost revenue with a better process for maintaining data visibility, access, and control.

“With a 2,600MW pipeline in 24 countries and 700MW of generative assets being built over the next two years, digitalization of our asset management portfolio ensures that we can scale our asset management process as we grow our capacity,” said Martini. “This is a game changer for us.”

According to Mercatus, its asset management software module seamlessly integrates with its end-to-end (i.e. idea to end-of-life) investment lifecycle management system designed to digitally transform how energy producers do business. This is manifested in the unique ability for data and documents to flow and be tracked bi-directionally between upstream project developers and financial stakeholders, and downstream operators in order to optimize the project and portfolio management process. It is both cost-effective and simple to deploy, use and maintain. Moreover, it can be deployed as a standalone solution or as part of the broader Mercatus ILM cloud platform.

“Mercatus ILM is our system of record and ‘single version of truth’ for project origination and development data, and we plan to extend the use of the platform for assets in operation,” said Martini. “We see the Mercatus technology as the change agent in our transformational process of becoming a fully digitalized enterprise with an ability-to-execute and cost-structure competitive advantage.”

Mercatus expects the new solution capability to reinforce and accelerate its market advantage.

“We’re excited about the addition of Asset Management to the Mercatus ILM solution platform,” said Cathy Grossi, vice president of product management at Mercatus. “The addition of Asset Management means that Mercatus is the only end-to-end solution for investment lifecycle management that is purpose-built for the energy industry.”

Mercatus is a Gold Sponsor and presenter at the Solar Asset Management —North America event being held in San Francisco on March 28-29. To schedule a meeting at the event with a Mercatus representative, click here.

About Mercatus

Mercatus Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM), digitally transforms how energy producers invest and operate to accelerate the return on their project investment and asset portfolio. We do this by empowering stakeholders with collaborative Cloud analytic technology that integrates the information and processes needed to optimally manage the complete energy investment lifecycle. The benefits to our clients are unparalleled data visibility and integrity; speed and operational efficiency via enhanced collaboration and productivity; and insight via analytics to improve decision quality and better manage risk and compliance. And, Mercatus ILM is the only cloud-based, end-to-end solution that is purpose-built for the energy industry.

About Building Energy

Building Energy is a multinational independent power producer (IPP) focused on the development, operations, and sale of renewable energy assets. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, the company has operations in 24 countries spanning four continents. With a 2,600MW pipeline and 700MW of generative assets being built over the next two years, the company is poised to become one of the leading global players in the delivery of commercial and utility-scale distributed power.

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