Tokenization in Private Markets

    Ever wonder how tokenization might affect the private markets? Join Kali Jakobi & Jay Biancamano, Head of Tokenization and Digital Funds at State Street Digital, as they discuss the current and future state of tokenization in the private

Navigating Public to Private Investment Data Strategy

On this episode of Data Disruption, Ben and Kali discuss how to combat the challenges investors navigate while forming a public-to-private investment data strategy and how the right technology can be the differentiator to accelerate your business.

Scenario Analysis Misconceptions

Scenario analysis and sunroofs – two things that require infrastructure around them to work. You wouldn’t buy a sunroof without the rest of the car, would you? In this episode Tom Vogt talks through misconceptions, solutions, and best practices investors

Scenario Analysis | A Private Investor’s Perspective on the Opportunities & Challenges

Robert Wall has over 20 years of experience growing private market investment portfolios, investing in infrastructure companies, and delivering major engineering projects. His experience as a GP, a direct investor, and a LP brings a broad perspective to the discussion

The CTO’s Guide to Navigating Investment Data Management Technology Selection & Implementation

Assunta Gaglione-Austin, technology leader and former co-CTO of KKR provides a guide for private market CTO's navigating investment data management technology solutions. She covers everything from casting vision, to how to select the right technology partner, and how to execute

Change on the Horizon: Diversity within Asset Management

Paul Greenwood, CEO and CIO of Pacific Current Group, joins to discuss an article he published in Pension & Investments called "Commentary: Improving manager diversity demands that shortcuts stop." On this episode, he breaks down the decades-old rules of thumb

The Private Market Plague: Talking Bad Data with Abraham Elias

Despite having huge investments in data, most executives don't trust their business data to make decisions. Does that sound familiar?

Private Market Investors: Here’s What You Need To Know Before Adopting New Data Technology

On this episode of Data Disruption, Tim outlines everything private market investors need to know in order to have a successful data technology adoption.

Macro Data Trends in the Private Markets with Haresh Patel

Kali Jakobi sits down with Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus to discuss Macro Trends shaping the private markets.

Data Architecture Essentials with CTO, Jason Adams

Global Head of Technology, Jason Adams, discusses common mistakes and misconceptions around building a data architecture.