Scaling Private Credit: Navigating People, Technology, and Data

  In this episode Data Disruption, Kali Jakobi Long (host) explores the evolving landscape of private credit with expert James Jefski of State Street. Together they uncover the reasons behind private credit’s explosive growth and highlight the challenges in scaling

Unlocking the Power of AI in Private Markets: Challenges and Benefits

  Dive into the world of data disruption as we explore how artificial intelligence is transforming the private markets. Join host Kali Jakobi and industry expert Randy Swanberg to uncover the challenges, benefits, and practical applications of AI in reshaping

Lessons Learned from Bank Failures

  Join Kali Jakobi, Tim Buchner & Paul Fleming as they discuss the importance of risk management, the fragile nature of trust, and the importance of diversification in light of recent bank collapses. Transcription: Kali Jakobi: Welcome to Data Disruption,

Unleashing the Power of Technology: Strategies for Smooth Implementation

  Join Kali Jakobi and John Coleman, Product Owner of Global Private Equity Deal Valuation Technology at The Carlyle Group, to discuss the impact poor data technology implementation can have on your firm and best practices to avoid common pitfalls.

The Future of Private Markets

  Join James Redgrave, VP of thought leadership & editorial at State Street & Ali Mamujee, Head of Product at Mercatus as they discuss the future of private markets based on State Streets’ latest survey of more than 500 global

The Digital Transformation in Public & Private Markets

  Nidhi Singh, Chief Product Officer from Charles River development, and Jason Adams, Chief Technology Officer from Mercatus join together to discuss the digital transformation happening for investors in both public and private markets. Kali Jakobi: Welcome to Data Disruption,

Tokenization in Private Markets

    Ever wonder how tokenization might affect the private markets? Join Kali Jakobi & Jay Biancamano, Head of Tokenization and Digital Funds at State Street Digital, as they discuss the current and future state of tokenization in the private

Navigating Public to Private Investment Data Strategy

On this episode of Data Disruption, Ben and Kali discuss how to combat the challenges investors navigate while forming a public-to-private investment data strategy and how the right technology can be the differentiator to accelerate your business.

Scenario Analysis Misconceptions

Scenario analysis and sunroofs – two things that require infrastructure around them to work. You wouldn’t buy a sunroof without the rest of the car, would you? In this episode Tom Vogt talks through misconceptions, solutions, and best practices investors

Scenario Analysis | A Private Investor’s Perspective on the Opportunities & Challenges

Robert Wall has over 20 years of experience growing private market investment portfolios, investing in infrastructure companies, and delivering major engineering projects. His experience as a GP, a direct investor, and a LP brings a broad perspective to the discussion