Deal Management

Deal Management Watch overview video Use Case: Head of Deal Management “We can’t deploy capital quickly and efficiently due to our time-intensive processes.” Challenges No transparency into deal activity across regional deal teams Decisions take too long; we are missing

ESG Management

ESG Management Watch overview video Use Case: Head of ESG “We cannot deliver timely and high quality ESG data for our current and potential LPs.” Challenges All our relevant datasets are spread across Excel spreadsheets, multiple third-party software platforms, and

Asset Management

Asset Management Watch overview video Use Case: Head of Asset Management “Our monthly & quarterly asset performance reports require too much manual intervention. How do we become more efficient and ensure data quality?” Challenges Our data is complex and scattered.

Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring Watch overview video Portfolio Monitoring Use Case “Performance reporting is time-consuming. We are adding headcount as the portfolio expands, but this is leading to more inconsistency.” Challenges Inherently complex to structure fund accounting data into meaningful outcomes Existing

Data In: A Differentiated Approach to Centralizing Data

Struggling to get your investment data into a data management platform efficiently and accurately? Learn about the Mercatus approach.

Private Debt Real Estate

In this use case video, we take a look at how Mercatus was able to help a Private Debt Real Estate investor deploy more capital while managing downside risk and improving the foresight they have over their portfolio.