Private Markets’ Accelerating Approach to Data Management

The private markets sector is stepping up its approach to addressing data management challenges.

Rising to the data challenge in the private markets

In this AIMA Journal article, Jennifer Tribush of State Street and Tom Vogt of Mercatus discuss how having an integrated platform allows a manager to confidently venture into new asset classes with scale, flexibility and adaptability.

Building Trust Drives the Need to Build a Better Data-Management Platform

Recently, Chase McWhorter, Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s managing director, Americas, spoke with Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus, a State Street Company, about overcoming the challenges of data management and reporting.

Mercatus for Private Debt

Private debt is one of the fastest-growing asset classes in the private markets, thanks to a low-interest rate environment and an intense search for yield.

Mercatus Overview

An investment data management platform for private market firms that need to solve the complexity of their private investment data.

Mercatus for Real Estate

The combination of growth, complexity and increased data demands are requiring real estate investors to re-evaluate their bespoke technology stack.

Mercatus ModelSync Technology

We kept hearing that fund managers were frustrated by rigid templates for bringing data into their software and by plug-ins for downloading it into Excel. So we built ModelSync Technology for our platform.

Investor Allocation: Improve Control of Investment Data

Private market fund managers need better control of their investment data but their investor data is equally important. What does that mean? We show two common examples in this video.

Data In: A Differentiated Approach to Centralizing Data

Struggling to get your investment data into a data management platform efficiently and accurately? Learn about the Mercatus approach.

Data Leader Spotlight | Danny Zajac from Pacific Current Group

Video Data Leader Spotlight | Danny Zajac Senior Account Manager at Pacific Current Group Mercatus interviews private market professionals to discuss their roles, challenges, and successes in relation to industry trends, technology, and data management. Share Share on facebook Facebook