Mercatus Welcomes Miki Alanam to the Team

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Mercatus is excited to welcome Miki Alanam to our growing team. Miki is a Toronto-based Director of Analytics and he brings experience from more than 15 years in private equity and real estate technology positions. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his new role and what brought him to Mercatus.

What is your role at Mercatus?

I joined Mercatus as the Director, Analytics, leading our analytics team. We are expanding the capabilities of our platform to provide better value for our existing and new clients.

What is your career background?

I have over 15 years for experience leveraging technology to solve business problems in Private Equity and Real Estate firms such as Brookfield and Dream Office REIT. I am looking forward to using this knowledge across all of our clients.

In your past role(s) what are some unmet needs from private market investors around data management technology?

Private market teams spend a lot of time doing repetitive manual work in spreadsheets, which is highly inefficient and error prone. They often lack centralized data as a source of truth, which leads to more time on reconciliations. Given the manual nature of the work, it’s time-consuming to perform forward-looking scenario analyses and teams often operate inefficiently in silos.

What excites you about Mercatus?

The Mercatus platform allows our clients to have a centralized database serving as ‘one source of truth’ while integrating with numerous data sources based on the current processes. Using ModelSync technology we have the ability to perform complex scenario modeling which is impossible to do with manual processes. We have an amazing team with deep private markets knowledge who are available to support clients in getting the best value out of Mercatus.

How do you see private market technology evolving over the next decade?

Private markets firms will leverage more and more technology, from connected reporting and analytics to AI powered data ingestion, predictive analytics, and block chain/tokenization.

What is your favorite / go-to Karaoke song?

Journey – Don’t stop Believing

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