Mercatus Welcomes Emeka Amaizu to the Team

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Mercatus is excited to welcome Emeka Amaizu to our growing team. Emeka is a Boston-based Program Manager and he brings experience working in a number of financial services and private equity roles. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his new role and what brought him to Mercatus.

What is your role at Mercatus?

I am a Program Manager looking to add value to our clients’ experiences onboarding their data and workflow needs onto the Mercatus system.

What is your career background / story?

I was born and raised in Boston, MA. I’ve worked in financial services for most of my career at a custodian bank and an investment management firm. My primary roles were in global capital market operations and within private equity business operations. I recently moved into the financial technology space which eventually led me to Mercatus.

In your past role(s) what are some unmet needs from private market investors around data management technology?

At the investment management firm I worked for, we had a huge need for private market technology pertaining to data. We specialized in public market data however the private market business for us was new and lacking technology and sound workflows. The private market business needed more efficiency for us to focus solely on managing deal processes in addition to data flows from external parties.

What excites you about Mercatus?

The chance to be a part of the technological revolution occurring in the private markets today. Witnessing the challenges firsthand stirs up more ambition to see it develop.

How do you see private market technology evolving over the next decade?

I see it being an absolute priority for any firm doing business in this space. As more companies in private markets see the need, I believe there will be a push to create even more connectivity amongst various parties facilitating data flow to private market firms.

What is your favorite / go-to Karaoke song?

Billie Jean” hands down!

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