Mercatus Welcomes Antonio Tamò to the Team

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Mercatus is excited to welcome Antonio Tamò to its growing team. Antonio comes to Mercatus from Dynamo Software, bringing over his years of experience in finance, private markets, and technology. Ali Mamujee, VP of Product Marketing, recently sat with Antonio to learn more about his new role, what brought him to Mercatus, and his thoughts on the future of the private market technology.


What is your background / story?

I come from a finance/actuarial background but always had an interest in technology. I worked for an IT consulting firm on a banking platform project, in Switzerland, and discovered the intersection of finance and technology. This led me to work for Preqin Solutions/Dynamo Software where I learned how private markets function and also what the GPs and LPs expectations are. I am also enrolled in the CFA program to deepen my understanding of public and private markets.


What is your role at Mercatus?

I joined Mercatus as a Solution Engineering Manager and my goal is to contribute to Mercatus’ growth around the world and mainly in Europe. I am hoping to play a key part in the pre-sales process and become the bridge between sales and implementation.


In your past role(s) what are some unmet needs from private market investors around data management technology?

One of the main unmet needs was a lack of flexibility when it came to managing different asset classes within a software platform. Most point-solutions would respond to a specific need but would not be able to cover the whole investment portfolio requirements and complexities. Another pain point was not allowing the platforms to communicate seamlessly, which can be a challenge and costly.


How do you see private market technology evolving over the next decade?

I believe that technology will play a key role for fund managers and will be embedded in their operations. I can see private market software becoming vital in the decision-making process. Those who don’t have the right platform will be left behind or will not able to scale as expected. We hear from the market that LPs are requesting more data more frequently and this can be achieved by leveraging the right software.


What excites you about Mercatus?

I am thrilled to be part of Mercatus for several reasons: First and foremost, people here are professional, hard workers, and team-oriented. Secondly, the product is brilliant, modern, and has a lot of potential.


What is your go-to karaoke song?

Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise… Guess I’m old school!


Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I speak many languages and sometimes, in the same sentence, my accent can change from one language to another, especially when I am not sure how to pronounce a word.

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