Mercatus Welcomes Andre Hamilton to the Team

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Mercatus is excited to welcome Andre Hamilton to its growing team. Andre comes to Mercatus from Roark Capital, bringing his years of experience in private markets and data management. We recently sat down with Andre to learn more about his new role, what brought him to Mercatus, and his thoughts on the future of the private market technology.

What is your role at Mercatus?

My role at Mercatus is Director of Program Management. I am hoping to help continue to expand the Mercatus footprint within the private markets sector using my knowledge of the various tranches within the space.

What is your background as it relates to private markets? 

My career path ranges from investment analysis for a pension fund, touching all asset classes, to most recently a range of financial duties for a Private Equity firm. My experience has allowed me the opportunity to see how the private market space is shaped and affected from multiple vantage points.

In your experience, what are some unmet needs from private market investors around data management technology? 

Some unmet needs include the ability for private market firms to be proactive versus reactive when it comes to data management technology. Additionally, the ability to keep up with the increasing demand of limited partners in a controlled manner is a lagging area. The ability for companies to seamlessly scale in a palatable way is also something that I feel is missing and needed within the private market technology space.

What excites you about Mercatus? 

What excites me about Mercatus are the endless possibilities and solutions available because of the innovative proprietary data technology platform. Mercatus allows private market institutions the ability to be agile and grow organically using a centralized approach. The nimbleness that the Mercatus platform provides to private market firms is unmatched.

How do you see private market technology evolving over the next decade? 

I foresee private market technology continuing to expand and evolve to meet the growing demands. The volume of private market assets under management will continue to increase over time. This consequently will result in added pressure for the private market firms to perform from both an intrinsic and extrinsic outlook, thus turning to technology for solutions.

What is your go-to Karaoke song?

Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

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