The newest Mercatus ILM Platform is here.

This year, we are prioritizing the user experience and removing the friction in getting data into the Mercatus platform. Let’s just say we had a very busy Q1 delivering multiple features and enhancements that achieved this vision, and we also made great progress against a major Q2 release, coming soon. Below are some exciting new capabilities we want you to be aware of. If you are curious to dive deeper on any of these, please reach out to your Customer Success manager to set up 1:1 time.

Performance Assumptions 2.0

Get actionable insights and make confident decisions faster.

We listened to your feedback. We made significant improvements to enhance the overall user experience to locate and visualize performance assumption data better and faster. How do I filter to see only my financial cash flows? What months do we have gaps in data? Does the data look right? These are all questions you can answer in a snap, to make your day-to-day lives easier.

XIRR Explorer

Dynamically calculate real-time XIRR returns across your sites, assets, portfolios, and funds.

Fund reporting managers rejoice! What is my XIRR across my real asset equity fund? What is my XIRR across the same fund if we exclude Europe? What if we keep Europe and exclude France only? How can I see the XIRR across all my individual assets in the fund? Which of my deal team members performed the best between 1/15/2017 to 3/15/2019? How can I drill in to see the individual cash flows that make up the XIRR calculations? How can I toggle between my “as of” dates to see the differences between my actual and forecasted returns? With this new functionality in the Mercatus ILM Platform, you can answer these types of questions with a few clicks of a button; without ever having to touch Excel.

Mercatus Excel Plugin

A powerful, user friendly way to extract, interact with, and analyze Mercatus data in Excel.

Sometimes you are in Excel and just want to pull data directly from the Mercatus platform to conduct ad-hoc analysis. How can I quickly get multiple operating assets’ monthly EBITDA figures lined up across date headers in Excel? With the Mercatus plugin, you can do this very fast.

International Language Support

Enhanced framework for multi-language support inside the Investor Portal and mobile offering for growth in Europe, APAC, and South America.

As Mercatus continues to scale internationally, we will be able to support multiple languages natively in the platform. Here is what an international investor or stakeholder can choose to see when they login to Mercatus.