Bringing even more self-service insights and a commitment to ensure data security in a modern world.

At Mercatus, we are continuing to push the envelope on our self-service analytics and reporting capabilities. We released two new enhancements for our users to help drive more insights: Combo Charts & Pivot Tables. In addition, Mercatus took several proactive steps to enhance our data security. With data governance & security being paramount for investors, Mercatus released new, advanced security enhancements to all our customers. Lastly, Mercatus also created new ESG performance reporting dashboards and data templates to support our customers’ ESG strategies and implementation.

Self-Service Dashboard - Combo Charts

Better data visibility and articulation of insight.

For our self-service analytics module, Mercatus added the ability to do combo charts. Note: this feature was already in place in Mercatus’ Analytics module. We added the functionality to our self-service analytics designer, which was a key request from many customers. This is now available for all. Combo charts combine two types of charts – column, area, or line – into a single insight. So, for example, users can now add EBITDA margin % to their actual EBITDA amounts in the same chart. Or, add a cumulative growth line to their standard J-Curve reports.

Self-Service Dashboard - Pivot Tables

Get actionable insights and make confident decisions faster

For our self-service analytics module, Mercatus added the ability to create pivot tables. Users can now interact with their data and add subtotals, maximum, minimum, average, and median to their data tables. For example, users can now see the min and max ranges of performance measures and/or debt ratios in a single table. In addition, users can see subtotals for revenue and expenses across a group of assets in the same table.

Next Generation Security Enhancements

At Mercatus, security and data privacy are always a priority. We are happy to roll out new updates that continue to build on Mercatus’ multi-dimensional and layered security program. With this release, we have taken an opportunity to ensure libraries and third-party components have been updated to their current versions, applied security patches, and added additional layers of prevention around cross-site scripting (XSS), man-in-the-middle attacks, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and have forced modern Transport Layer Security (TLS) version minimums.

New ESG Performance Reports and Data Templates

Mercatus became a PRI Signatory in 2018 and formed a partnership with GRESB in 2019 to be their first data partner in infrastructure. At Mercatus, we believe investors who aren’t implementing ESG will suffer long-term consequences in the form of higher risk, lower profits, and struggle in raising capital. To better serve our customers, Mercatus has built multiple ESG performance data templates (GRESB, ILPA, custom Mercatus) that we are ready to make available to existing customers. We created these templates and reports to help educate customers on the common ESG metrics and to help drive greater ESG adoption. Please reach out to your Customer Success team member if you are interested to learn more.