Mercatus Launches Seamless End-to-End Data Governance for Private Market Investors

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New “Bulk Data Management” gives users enhanced data transparency and higher data quality through a well-structured data validation process.

August 22, 2022 – Mercatus, a leading private markets investment data management platform, has added new capabilities to its platform to further help investors on their data governance across private market sectors: private debt, real estate, infrastructure, and private equity. The latest in a series of new enhancements, the Mercatus platform’s Bulk Data Management feature significantly mitigates the challenges of data onboarding, increasing data transparency with auditable files upload records.

Private market managers and investors often struggle with manual data updates and data onboarding processes, especially with large amounts of transaction data. With myriad disconnected point solution tools, updating quarterly performance metrics for all investments may takes weeks or months to complete. It’s not only unnecessarily time consuming for investment teams, but it creates room for errors that weakens data quality and confidence.

With Mercatus’s Bulk Data Management, fund managers and asset owners will be able to improve their data management efficiency within fingertips and also have faster time-to-value when onboarding with Mercatus. For example, a real estate fund manager who needs to upload 1,000 tenants across a multi-asset portfolio on the system may require many as many as 4,000 clicks and weeks of manual, error-prone intervention. With Bulk Data Management, users can do it in one click and know that the data has been validated. Existing users may save up to 75% of time going from manual data ingestion to bulk upload and new clients are expected to see implementation times cut by approximately 60% depending on their scope.

“More and more investors are seeking a proven, end-to-end solution that delivers fast time to value and offers the flexibility to future-proof their investment valuation processes,” said Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus. “Bulk Data Management is a significant step change toward automating the ‘data in’ process for our clients. Furthermore, this feature will be foundational to enhance front to back, public to private client experience with State Street AlphaSM for Private Markets.”

Mercatus, a State Street company, has operations in the US, Europe, and APAC, and manages more than 25,000 investments for clients across global private market segments. Mercatus’ client base includes some of the most sophisticated managers in infrastructure, real estate, private equity, and private debt.

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