Mercatus Innovative “No-Code Integration” Will Revolutionize Private Market Data Management

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Intuitive “No-Code Integration” interface makes private market applications available and auditable for integrated reporting, reducing manual extraction by 90%

SAN FRANCISCO– JULY 21, 2020 Mercatus, the modern data management platform for private market investors, today announced the release of its “No-Code Integration” interface that integrates with and supports the data needs of global private market investors. The first in a series of new data onboarding enhancements, the Mercatus data management platform’s configurable connectors reduce the annual cost of uploads, builds, and maintenance by 90% according to an analysis of Mercatus clients.

“The technology landscape within private markets is extremely diverse, ranging from long-running legacy in-house IT investments to modern cloud solutions,” says Mercatus CEO Haresh Patel. “This mosaic that drives private markets data need to be stitched together to support true insight and effectiveness to operate a successful business.”

While business-to-business (B2B) integrations typically require technical expertise, Mercatus’ private investor-specific connection engine makes it simple for non-technical, business users to customize connectors to meet their needs no matter what apps or databases they’re using. As a result, data quality and accuracy improve, which fosters better business analytics and decision-making while reducing the number of stakeholders needed to coordinate across technology platforms.

“These integrations are expensive and time-consuming, both to deploy and to maintain over time in a sea of rapid change,” says Mercatus CTO Jason Adams. “This is one of our most exciting set of releases to date. Introducing the means to manage and deploy powerful integrations without the need for technical skillsets will remove the risk and cost of requiring expensive consultants or technical development resources. We are empowering private market investors to manage their own data integration ecosystem without requiring code.”

Essential for performance, operating, incidents and ESG reports—as well as contracts and other agreements— investors can configure, clone and share integration formulas, which can be deployed in a few hours rather than weeks or months to support the following data sources:

  • Deal Management/CRM
  • Fund Accounting
  • Operational / Site Data
  • Market Data (Pitchbook, Preqin, etc.)
  • ESG (SASB, GRESB, UN-PRI, etc.)
  • Database (i.e. Snowflake, MySQL, Amazon REDSHIFT, etc.)
  • Collaboration (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Office 365, etc.)

“In addition to being difficult to audit, adjust, and maintain, manual uploading is prone to errors. And if data is incorrect on the way in, you can bet that bad decisions are being made from bad data on the way out,” Adams adds.

Yann Peron, Partner at Ktalysis, added, “Data management is no longer the sole ownership of IT technical specialists, and it is a challenge that is exasperated with the multiplicity of data sources in today’s complex and competitive business world. Whatever that nature or state of the data—and prior to any analytics—the data needs to be seamlessly integrated so that it can be cleansed, analyzed, manipulated, and consumed properly. This is key to the process of building a body of knowledge based on data insights, and we are thrilled that the latest Mercatus release addresses these needs.”

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Mercatus is the modern data management platform for private market investors. Our vision is total transparency across the entire investment lifecycle and investor ecosystem – from LP to GP to Portfolio Company and their underlying investments. Because the truth is in your data. Mercatus built the first data architecture to systematically harness and control data, workflows, and financial models to accelerate and scale growth, reduce operational risk, and achieve alpha. Many leading private market funds leverage Mercatus to manage over $590B of multi-asset investments globally. For more information on what makes our approach different, visit

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VP Product Marketing

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