Are Low Cost Capital Products Dead? Haresh and Others Discuss the viability in this webinar with Engerati. 


With the yieldco meltdown fresh on the minds of many solar power producers, urgent questions are being asked. What was the real cause of their demise? Are financing vehicles still viable ? What is the surest way to achieve the lowest cost of investment capital? With the solar industry going through this internal crisis, the answers to these questions are pertinent.

In an exclusive webinar with Engerati, Mercatus CEO, Haresh Patel, teamed up with industry professionals, Tom Fink, Trepp LLC and Dima Rifai, … to address these concerns. Coming from various backgrounds, including energy finance, investment banking and residential mortgage financing, Patel and guests offer insights into:


  • Why attaining low cost capital is crucial for gaining competitive advantage in the renewable energy space.
  • Reasons why yieldcos failed and lessons to be learned for any asset class seeking investment.
  • How data management is crucial in being compliant and regaining investor confidence.
  • What it means to truly digitize the asset management processes.
  • And more….

For the answers to these questions and more about renewable financing best practices, listen to our webinar on Engerati.