The concept of digital transformation has been making its way onto many energy conference programmes this year – with Europe’s largest show, European Utility Week, being no exception.

With multiple factors driving industry disruption, from distributed generation to consumer behavior, it’s clear that one thing is certain; technological innovation is moving faster than we know how to anticipate.

In this Hub Session hosted by The Engerati Network, a panel of industry experts, including Marco Li Vigni, Ericcson; Inken Braunschmidt, Innogy; and our very own Tim Buchner discussed how digital disruption is transforming the energy landscape, and if regulator can keep up with the ever changing market.

From the utility standpoint, one thing is certain; energy companies have to start thinking about the digitization of their business from end to end- from assets to customers- in order to stay ahead of the disruption curve.

To learn more, listen to the panel discussion posted below.


Marco Li Vigni, Tim and Inken Braunschmidt at European Utility Week .