Employee of the Quarter | 2021 Q4

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Arbaz Khan

Role/Job Title:

Jr. Analytics Engineer

Location (City, State/Province, Country):

Parli Vaijanath, Maharashtra State, India.

What’s something interesting about yourself? (a fun fact, a place you’ve been or an interest you have, etc):

Fun Fact: I can act as a drunkard :p . But I don’t drink alcohol. I had participated in a street play (which had a good Social Awareness message) and played a role of a drunkard when I was in college.

What have you been enjoying lately? (think of your favorite song/podcast/book/tv show- feel free to describe what it is):

Since I am at my hometown, enjoying time with family and old school friends. Also go on a cycle ride in the morning to our Farm.

What are you working on? (think of a project or an initiative that you are doing for Mercatus?):

 Working on various clients building analytics reports, Writing SQL for Jasper reports, and started exploring Power BI and Telend as we are going to migrate to Power BI and Talend (an ETL tool).

What does Mercatus mean to you?:

A treasure of knowledge, excellent career opportunities, and a family.

‘With my little nephew at our farm – Arbaz Khan

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