It can be daunting to consider the many critical factors involved in scaling an organization efficiently. Between meeting financial and growth commitments while staying in budget, and remaining competitive while new utilities suppliers enter the market, an executive’s job is never done.


Executives must balance growth and resources so that they don’t scale faster than their infrastructure allows. They must simultaneously build repeatable processes in hopes of establishing a foundation for a business nimble enough to accommodate that very scale.


The key is to scale—but not too fast, repeating while innovating and staying nimble while establishing process. Again, daunting.


Due to the the complexity of the industry and the antiquated systems and processes known to plague it, staying competitive is a persistent challenge for energy producers. Inefficient project prioritization and time-consuming redundancies can create costly productivity losses and errors. Many of these systems aren’t built for scale, and the siloed data spread between systems and departments creates a lack of visibility that can lead to business decisions based on inaccurate reporting.


Once companies centralize these processes, however, teams can finally get the insight they need to make the best decisions regarding compliance and asset investment and management—all while tracking project progress across all teams.


Mercatus provides an all-in-one solution for energy producers that helps manage the investment lifecycle of renewable projects. Mercatus Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) is fully connected, with a single system of record for all portfolio data. Energy ILM increases cross-functional team productivity, expedites origination-to-fund process, and gives management real-time access to portfolio performance and risk metrics.


When organizations go digital with Energy ILM, they gain the ability to connect all teams and simplify processes for faster growth. This increased agility and efficiency fosters a more collaborative process to diligence projects, which has enabled certain Mercatus customers to process 10 times more projects with fewer resources.


With systems and team members organized in Energy ILM, executives have visibility into their pipeline and portfolio data as well as dashboards configured specifically to their unique business needs. Financial data, contracts, due diligence documents and project milestones are all stored in a central location, so it’s easy to track data and create comprehensive reports. These reports can then be shared with investors; and the trust built on accurate, consistent reporting leads to lower cost of capital as well as access to additional capital resources. Digitizing these processes and information shortens the investment lifecycle time, enabling business executives to make faster, more informed decisions.


Ultimately, an organization’s success rests on its bottom line. Energy ILM allows executives to make faster investment decisions, leading to more profitable actions. Additionally, they can increase their team’s capacity and grow their portfolio without adding resources. Mercatus Energy ILM enables energy providers to create the customized, automated and scalable processes necessary to keep up with—and get ahead of—today’s highly competitive renewable energy landscape.