5 Critical Steps for Success in Data Technology Implementations

In the rapidly evolving landscape of private markets, data plays a pivotal role in driving decision-making and ensuring long-term success. Many asset managers overlook the importance of establishing a solid foundation for managing their investment data with technology in the

Loomis Sayles Selects Mercatus to Manage its Private Markets Data

We're pleased to announce that Loomis, Sayles & Company has selected Mercatus as its technology partner for private markets investments.

Will the Good Times Last? A Conversation with GPs on Valuations in Infrastructure

Where are valuations headed for infrastructure investments? How are interest rates impacting opportunities in this sector? How are infra investors responding to demands for increased transparency in valuations?

Todd Slater

Mercatus Welcomes Todd Slater to the Team

Mercatus is excited to welcome Todd Slater as Director of Solutions Engineering in Singapore.

Employee of the Quarter – Chaoyan Zhang

Name Chaoyan Zhang Role/Job Title Product Strategy Associate How long have you worked for Mercatus? 6 Months Location (City, State/Province, Country) New York City, USA What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? One fun fact

Build vs Buy: 5 Questions for Private Market Investors Weighing Tech Platforms

Should private market investors build or buy an investment data management platform? Most likely, investing in a technology platform will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

For Private Market Investments, the Story Is Always in the Model

As a former private investment professional, I used to spend most of my days modeling investments in Excel. I reviewed dozens of investment opportunities per day across all private market sectors: private debt, infrastructure, real estate, and private equity. My

Our Insights on SFDR

A joint perspective from Mercatus and Quinn & Partners on how SFDR will impact the private markets industry. ESG data is investment data. ESG metrics are now a requirement across all investment data management strategies. ESG can no longer be

Here’s What You Need to Know About Technical Integrations

The term “Integrations” is one of those catch-all words that have very different meanings based on who is referencing them. For example, an integration could be a simplistic click-to-deploy integration with Google or Apple to assist users in signing into

Q&A with Mercatus Strategic Advisory Board Member Assunta Gaglione-Austin

Earlier this year we formed a Strategic Advisory Board made up of experienced technology and investment professionals in the private markets. In this series, we’ll get to know each one a little bit better. Assunta Gaglione-Austin is the former co-CTO